DATE: June 23, 2023
SUBJECT: Sheriff’s Office Holds Recognition Ceremony
CONTACT: Chief Deputy Nathan Sugarman
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Noah Robinson

On Friday, June 23, 2023, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson welcomed guests at the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse for an awards ceremony.  Family, friends, colleagues, and other guests attended to recognize a number of employees.  The ceremony featured newly sworn deputy sheriffs, recent retirees, staff promotions, and those being awarded for life-saving actions or performing extraordinary tasks while on duty. Vanderburgh Clerk of the Circuit Court Carla Hayden swore the newly appointed deputies in.

Sheriff Robinson addressed the new members of the Office, “You now have a unique job with many, many exciting opportunities. A job that allows you to get up each day and decide what kind of deputy or officer you want to be. If you decide to treat people with respect and kindness. To be fair and even-tempered. To stay positive and ignore the hate that floats around on the internet and in other places, then you will have a long and rewarding career.” Sheriff Robinson added, “If you decide to be an unhappy person. To focus on and internalize the negativity and the unfocused anger that is present in this world, then you will be miserable and your career will be thankfully short lived. You get to decide.”

Below is a list of recipients and their accomplishments.


Sheriff David Wedding

Major Jason Ashworth

Lieutenant Matthew Hill

Deputy Chad Gries


Deputy Mike Bishop – Sheriff’s Commendation

Confinement Officer Kayla Leek – Sheriff’s Commendation

Confinement Sergeant Leslie Butler – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer April Shultz – Life Saver Award (x2)

Confinement Officer Lane Buente – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Mikayla Riley – Life Saver Award (x2)

Confinement Officer Kevin Harmon – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Rebecca Downen – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Austen Pace – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Jacob Wilkinson – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Jessica Shaw – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Takanna Stotler – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Chloe Wichser – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Spencer Symanowicz – Life Saver Award

Confinement Officer Christian Lothamer – Life Saver Award

Deputy Brad Fein – Life Saver Award

Sergeant Chad Howard – Life Saver Award


Sergeant Leslie Butler

Sergeant Nathan Baehl

Sergeant Robert Hart

Sergeant Matt Elrod

Sergeant Josh Patterson

Sergeant Andy Norris

Staff Sergeant Evan Woosley

Lieutenant Tim Woods

Lieutenant Stetsun Sunderman

Lieutenant JD Wargel

Lieutenant Erik Nilssen

Lieutenant Chris Roe

Captain Dave Guetling

Major Matt Corn

Major Rob Clark

Chief Deputy Nathan Sugarman

Release From Probationary Status Confinement Officers

Confinement Officer Cameron Reeves

Confinement Officer Jessica Shaw

Confinement Officer Brittany Wendel

Confinement Officer Jeff Deaton

Confinement Officer Jacob Mercer

Confinement Officer Kameron Ashley

Confinement Officer Tristin Cooper

Confinement Officer Ty Street

Swearing in of New Deputies

Probationary Deputy Joao Carlos Silvia Mario

Probationary Deputy Adam Manna

Probationary Deputy Alex Miller

Probationary Deputy Lucas Pate

Probationary Deputy Chris Russell

Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard begins the ceremony.

Retired Sheriff David Wedding receives his retirement plaque.

Retired Deputy Chad Gries receives his retirement plaque.

Newly promoted Confinement Sergeant Leslie Butler receives her recognition.

Newly promoted Jail Commander Dave Guetling receives his recognition.

Confinement Officer Kayla Leek receives her commendation.

Officers receive lifesaver award.

Probationary Deputy Joao Carlos Silvia Mario receives his badge.