Limited Criminal History Request Form

Requests for a limited criminal history are limited to a local record check for information relating to arrests or criminal charges occurring within Vanderburgh County (including the City of Evansville).

A limited criminal history is not a public record. Requests are generally limited to inquiries on individuals who are seeking employment, licensure or volunteer work with children. (Indiana Code 10-13-3-27 lists other valid reasons for requesting a limited criminal history.) The Sheriff’s Office will also process a request for a limited criminal history that is made by the person whose record is being requested (self-request) or if a signed waiver has been executed by the subject of the record.

Employers should be aware that excluding individuals from employment because of a criminal conviction record may be unlawful under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, unless the policy or practice is justified by a business necessity.

IC 10-13-3-29 requires that a noncriminal justice organization or individual that receives a limited criminal history not use it for purposes other than those stated in the request. Misuse is punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor.

The Sheriff’s Office does not charge governmental agencies or established non-profit organizations for this service. For all other requestors, the fee is ten dollars ($10.00).

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