On 7/9/22, at approximately 0900 hundred hours, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, along with Vanderburgh County Animal Control, were dispatched to 3122 Mooring Rd for a check the welfare of animals living inside the house that had been left unattended for a prolonged period of time.

Upon arrival, Deputies could smell the foul odor of something rotting from inside the house. When Deputies peered through a window, they could visibly see excess amounts of feces, urine, and trash on the floor of the home. Several dogs were also visible inside that appeared malnourished, in distress, and lethargic.

After deputies obtained a search warrant for the house, Vanderburgh County  Animal Control began removing several dogs. The five dogs were still living were covered with fleas and feces.  A deceased dog was located in a kennel, inside the home, unable to get out.  There were also several other deceased dogs in the residence. Witnesses on scene advised  Shayna Burko  had not been to the house for several weeks. With the assistance of the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office, Deputies were able to locate Shayna Burko and she was taken into custody.  Shayna has a prior conviction in Warrick County for Cruelty to an Animal. There is also a second person of interest under investigation at this time.

During the interview, Shayna admitted to Detectives that she was aware the dogs were there and that she failed to care for them.


Shayna Burko


CT II  ANIMAL OFFENSE- NEGLECT OF AN ANIMAL                     IC CODE: 35-46-3-7