With changes to Indiana’s New Permitless Handgun Carry Law set to take effect on July 1st, the Sheriff’s Office thought it might be helpful to review the new law.

What is changing:

On July 1st, anyone over the age of 18 may carry a handgun in public without the need for a handgun permit. Previously a permit was required, regardless of whether the handgun was carried concealed or unconcealed.

Previously, Indiana’s “Proper Person” law (IC 35-47-1-7) prevented individuals with the following types of criminal history from obtaining a handgun permit:

  • A person who had been recently convicted of Resisting Law Enforcement.
  • A person whose criminal history showed they were a chronic alcohol abuser.
  • A person whose criminal history showed they had a propensity for violent or emotionally unstable conduct.
  • A person who had a previous misdemeanor conviction involving an inability to safely handle a handgun.

Under the new permitless carry law, individuals meeting the above criteria may now legally carry a handgun in Indiana without a handgun permit.

What is not changing:

Individuals who have been convicted of any felony, of domestic battery, subject to a protective order or court order that prohibits the possession of a weapon, or designated as “dangerous” by a court, are still prohibited from possessing a handgun and are not eligible for a handgun permit.

Indiana will still issue handgun permits for those residents who wish to travel into states that honor out of state gun permits. For a list of states that have reciprocal gun permit laws, visit: www.handgunlaw.us

Since Kentucky passed a permitless carry law in 2019, Indiana residents have been able to visit the Commonwealth while armed without any form of gun permit. This is not the case in Illinois. Illinois DOES NOT honor Indiana handgun permits. Indiana residents ARE NOT eligible to obtain a Non-Resident handgun permit under Illinois law.


For more information or to learn how to apply for a handgun permit in Vanderburgh County, please visit www.vanderburghsheriff.org/gun-permits/ or call 812-421-6222.