The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office visited the University of Southern Indiana Wellness Fair and the Junior Achievement Public Education Foundation Career Exploration Day on Wednesday, September, 2015.

The USI Health and Wellness Fair featured dozens of displays and presentations from area businesses and non-profit groups. Sheriff Dave Wedding spoke with students, faculty and employees of the university about the dangers of impaired driving as well as texting and driving. “Drunk Goggles” were utilized in order to give students the chance to take balance and coordination tests while feeling the approximated effect of alcohol intoxication. The goggles are designed to simulate the effects of impairment by slowing reaction time, creating visual distortions, altering depth and distance perception and reducing peripheral vision.

New to the presentation this year was a pair of AT&T “It Can Wait” virtual reality goggles. The inexpensive Google Cardboard goggles use a standard smart phone and a special AT&T app to create a virtual environment in which students can experience the dangers of texting and driving.

Sheriff Dave Wedding stated, “The students and faculty we spoke to were very engaged with our presentation and seemed to really connect with our drive sober and don’t text and drive messages.” He added, “The AT&T goggles were extremely popular, with students waiting in line just to try them out.”

The Sheriff’s Office frequently visits local universities to engage with young people in the hopes of changing dangerous behaviors. 2015 marks the twentieth year our office has partnered with local colleges to promote safe driving behavior. Sheriff Wedding offered his appreciation, “We are grateful to the faculty and students at USI for continuing to welcome our participation in their wellness and safety fairs.”

The Sheriff’s Office also visited the Public Education Foundation Career Exploration Day at the Old National Events Plaza. Middle school and high school students from Evansville and surrounding counties had the opportunity to learn about local corporations and businesses and the career options they offer. The event was hosted by Junior Achievement with the support of Vectren Corporation.

The Sheriff’s Office spoke to hundreds of students about careers in law enforcement as well as the specific responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office.

Pictured above: Sheriff Dave Wedding (left) along with students at the 2015 USI Wellness Fair.

Pictured above: Sheriff Dave Wedding demonstrates the “Fatal Vision” impairment goggles.

Pictured above: Student experiences the AT&T “It Can Wait” Don’t Text and Drive virtual reality goggles.

Pictured above: Deputy Brian Spradlin discuses a career in law enforcement with students from Reitz High School.