Don’t touch

  • It is impossible to know if a gun is loaded or not; ALWAYS assume that the gun is loaded.

If you are a juvenile, tell an adult

  • Immediately notify an adult of what you have found.
  • With a modern design of toy guns it’s impossible to determine if it’s a real or fake gun. ALWAYS assume that it is a real gun. If it looks like a gun, it’s a gun.

Immediately call 911

  • Let the law enforcement professional take possession of the gun and make it safe.

Home safety

  • It is the responsibility of the gun owner to make sure the gun is safe and secure.
  • If you have children who live in the home with guns the best policy is to educate and to be honest with them about the dangers of guns.
  • Children should only be allowed to handle a gun when a responsible adult is present who has knowledge of guns and the safe use of them.

Dangerous objects

  • Explosives, knives, open flames, needles, chemicals, etc.
  • If the item appears dangerous or out of place trust your intuition, leave the area, and immediately call 911.

The NRA has a well known gun safety program for children. You can learn more HERE.