On Thursday March 24th, 2022 shortly after 9:00am, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Deputies went to 1022 Eden Ct in Evansville to serve and execute a court ordered eviction. When Deputies arrived at the apartment, occupied by 46 year old Antwynette Pope, they knocked on the door to speak with Ms Pope. After several attempts, there was no answer by Ms. Pope. Deputies utilized a key provided by the apartment complex for Deputies to enter the apartment and execute the eviction. As Deputies attempted to open the door, they discovered that the entryway was barricaded by furniture from within the apartment. As they began removing the barricade, Ms. Pope appeared at the doorway with a knife and she made several attempts to stab and cut a Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy. Deputies were able to retreat from the doorway as Ms. Pope retreated in to her apartment and closed the door. Ms. Pope remained in her apartment as Deputies repeatedly called out to her and asked the she surrender peacefully. Ms. Pope refused to exit her apartment and after nearly three hours a chemical irritant was introduced. Ms. Pope then stepped outside and was taken in to custody. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident. Ms. Pope was checked immediately by paramedics and then transported to a local area hospital for examination. Family members of Ms. Pope were contacted and they advised that Ms. Pope suffers from a history of metal illness. The family was hopeful that she could now receive the treatment she needs.
This investigation is ongoing. Criminal charges are pending and will be released through a probable cause affidavit.

Pictured is the knife utilized by Ms Pope.