DATE: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
SUBJECT: 2018 Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair
CONTACT: Lt. Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Dave Wedding

The 98th annual Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair gets underway this Monday, July 23, 2018. With shows, music, rides, races, pageants, contests, exhibits and food the 4-H fair truly has something for everyone. An estimated 45,000 people are expected to attend this year.

The Sheriff’s Office tent will again be located near the fairgrounds main office. Sheriff Dave Wedding stated, “This year our tent will feature the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Seatbelt Convincer, courtesy of State Farm and Lefler Collision & Glass. Adults and children over 4′ 8″ are welcome to experience first hand how a seatbelt keeps you safe in a crash.”

Sheriff Dave Wedding would like everyone to have a great time at the fair and be safe. “Fairgoers need to remember that farm machinery and livestock can be dangerous if not treated with respect. The potential for an accident exists anytime you bring heavy equipment, large animals and crowds of people together.” The Sheriff’s Office asks that fairgoers respect marked boundaries and warning signs. Please keep an eye on small children and don’t permit them to become separated from the group. Sheriff Wedding added, “Watch your speed as you drive within the designated parking areas. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and children that may dart unexpectedly from a row of cars.”

The Sheriff’s Office tent will be passing out wristbands for small children to wear that will allow deputies or firefighters to call a missing parent on their cell phone. Last year’s fair resulted in a few minor cuts and scrapes, mostly related to trips and falls. The hot weather did cause a few people to overexert themselves. This year’s forecast calls for a high of 86 degrees. Fairgoers are reminded to stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight for extended periods.

The potential for storms will exist at this year’s fair, please be aware of the dangers of lightning. Pay attention to the fair’s public address system for warnings and instructions. The safest place to be in a lightning storm is inside your car with the windows closed or inside a structure. Do not stand under a tree or touch any conductive surfaces (e.g. leaning against a building or sitting on grandstand bleachers).

Many of the events at the 4-H Fair feature off-highway vehicles that are not equipped with mufflers. The sound can easily exceed 115 decibels. At this level, hearing damage can result in less than 30 minutes of exposure. Fairgoers who are planning on attending events at the 4-H arena are reminded to bring adequate hearing protection for themselves and their children.

A contingent of sheriff’s deputies and Scott Township Fire Department firefighters and paramedics will be present throughout the fairgrounds to address any security or safety concerns. The Sheriff’s Office bicycle patrol will be on hand throughout the entire fair week. The Indiana State Police and Sheriff’s Office will be providing traffic control on US 41.

General Fair Rules:

  • Firearms are not permitted.
  • Coolers and backpacks are subject to inspection.
  • No glass containers are permitted.
  • The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed.
  • No fireworks are permitted.
  • Skateboards or roller skates are prohibited.
  • All livestock must remain in designated areas.
  • Animals (excluding service animals) not registered for an event or function are not permitted.
  • Parking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Please follow the instructions of 4H fair staff members.

Click Here for a schedule of fair events