This past weekend, the Vanderburgh County Community Corrections – Community Service Crews were out picking up trash on local streets and highways. Unfortunately, this weekend was not a compelertly unusual weekend for these crews in terms of the quantity of trash that is collected and removed form the roads.

An exceprt form the logs of the Community Service Officers for both days follows, along with a picture of some of the trash collected on one day.

Saturday 4-19-2014
Cleaned Harlan Ave from the Sheriff’s Office to St. George Road, Cleaned Morgan Ave from Lynch to Oak Hill Road.

Collected 150 bags of trash along with lots of large cardboard boxes, large plastic trash can liners, pieces of plastic pipe, road sign, screen door spring, pieces of vinyl siding, a floor mat from a car, a running board plastic cover, a truck fender well flare, planter pots near Combs Nursery, a broken floor scraper, a DO NOT ENTER road sign, a couple of yard signs, half of a windshield shade, a cardboard barrel, semi mud flaps, and plenty of Styrofoam, and a mans payroll check from Schnuck’s. The check was taken to Schnuck’s and the man that was the owner of the check was working.

Sunday 4-20-2014
Cleaned !164 from Boonville/New Harmony Road.Blue Grass Creek Bridge.

Filled an amazing 175 bags of trash as well as lumber, plywood, large sheets of plastic, a 6 foot piece of rebar, tub lids, pieces of fiberglass, a piece of rubber car molding, an ice scrapper, a short drive shaft with universal joints attached, a hurricane roof vent, lots of large pieces of cardboard, styrofoam, rubber floor mats, lots of tire fragments, plastic tubing, hub caps, semi mud flaps, an aluminum concrete spreader, a carpeted floor mat, truck bumper pieces from a new Silverado, plastic body molding from someone’s car, and vinyl siding.

Please do not throw trash out of your car. Make sure your loads are properly secured and are not leaking. If you observe someone littering in our community, please do not hesitate to send us a tip via email or phone at (812)453-9876.