DATE:   Monday, January 27, 2014
SUBJECT:   OMVWI, Hit and Run, Neglect of a Dependant
CONTACT:   Lt Sam Preston
AUTHORITY:   Sheriff Eric Williams

At approximately 5:45 pm Central Dispatch received a 911 call in reference to a possible drunk driver.  The caller advised that they witnessed a while GMC Yukon strike a brick wall at the entrance to Huntington Place Subdivision located in the 3800 block of North Green River Road.  The white Yukon left the scene south on Green River Road and eventually turned west onto Lynch Road.  

The caller continued to follow the suspect vehicle and advised that they were “all over the road”.   A short time later, deputies located the vehicle travelling north on U.S. 41.  A traffic stop was initiated near the intersection of Petersburg Road.  As the vehicle was stopping, deputies observed a child jumping around in the vehicle.  As the investigation continued it was determined that there were two children in the car ages 7 and 4 and that the driver appeared to be intoxicated.
The driver, Amber N. Jesop was transported to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Confinement Center where she was given a certified breath test.  Jesop submitted to the breath test which revealed that she had an alcohol level of .22%, which is almost three times the legal limit in Indiana.  
The children were released to their father.
Amber N. Jesop 33 year of age Evansville
* Hit and Run
* OMVWI with a passenger under 18
* Neglect of a Dependant