DATE: Saturday, January 04, 2020
SUBJECT: Father Leaves Children in Vehicle After Fleeing From Deputies
CONTACT: Major Mark Rasure or Sergeant John Helfrich
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Dave Wedding

Shortly after 2 am on 01/04/2020 a Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s deputy spotted a white Buick LeSabre in the area of US 41 and Morgan Avenue in which the driver was suspected of being impaired. When the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle the driver decided to flee and led deputies on a pursuit into the 2200 block of E Tennessee Street. As the deputies pursued the driver suddenly stopped and abandoned his vehicle on foot. Deputies found an adult passenger, a four year old child and a ten year old child remaining in the vehicle. The four year old child was not in any type of restraint system. The pursuing deputies were unaware of the young passengers in the vehicle until after the vehicle stopped. A handgun was located inside the vehicle on the driver’s floorboard. The suspect was able to evade the pursuing deputies and assisting Evansville Police Department Officers and was unable to be located after an exhaustive search. The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) responded to the scene in order to ensure the welfare of the young children involved. The investigation into the known suspect’s whereabouts remains ongoing.