DATE: Monday, April 7, 2014
SUBJECT: Arrest: Child Neglect
CONTACT: Major Rick Pace
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Eric Williams

On Sunday, April 6 at approximately 10:30 PM, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to 8507 Carlsbad Drive to check the welfare of a toddler. When deputies arrived, they were advised by the reporting party that the 1½ year old boy was found standing in a storm drain near the corner of Carlsbad Drive and Everglades Drive. The drain was uncovered and had approximately 2 feet of water in it. The boy was wearing only a t-shirt and diaper at the time the reporter located him.

The reporter stated she then found the nearest mobile home with lights on and knocked on the door for several minutes until a subject, later identified as Corey Gene Trueblood, answered the door. As the reporter spoke with Trueblood, she could tell he was highly intoxicated. Trueblood took the child and shut the door. The situation was reported to central dispatch with a call to 911.

As deputies spoke with Trueblood, they also noticed he was under the influence of alcohol due to his physical behavior and the strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Trueblood did admit to drinking several beers as he watched television.

Deputies determined the child was Trueblood’s while checking on his condition. Trueblood gave several versions about how his son got out of the home. Deputies took Trueblood into custody and arrested him for Child Neglect – Class D Felony. The child was left with his mother who was at work during the time of the incident.

Corey Gene Trueblood, W/M, 34 YOA, Evansville, Indiana

Child Neglect – class D felony