DATE: Wednesday, May 06, 2015
SUBJECT: Rule the Road 2015
CONTACT: Lieutenant Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Dave Wedding

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) will be conducting a teen driver safety event called “Rule the Road” on Thursday, May 07, 2015 from 9:00am to 2:00pm. The event will be held at the Sgt. James W. Harlan Reserve Center located at 2900 E. Division Street. Although registration for this event is now closed, the news media is invited to attend.

Taught by certified emergency vehicle operators from the Sheriff’s Office and the Evansville Police Department, Rule the Road provides teen drivers with exposure to experiences not traditionally covered in driver education courses. These valuable hands-on driving lessons offer teens the chance to practice lifesaving skills on a series of closed courses set up at Roberts Park. Skills covered include: controlled skidding, controlled braking, collision avoidance, the dangers of texting behind the wheel, and the seriousness of impaired driving. Teens can also participate in additional activities ranging from proper seat belt usage to recognizing and avoiding common driving distractions.

“Nationally, traffic fatalities claim more teenage lives each year than any other cause of death,” Sheriff Dave Wedding stated. “Young drivers are simply not as experienced and are less able to cope with the unexpected. Add to the mix a smart phone, loud stereo and a car load of friends and it’s not hard to imagine why crash statistics for underage drivers are so dismal,” Sheriff Wedding added, “Driver training like ‘Rule the Road’ is a great way for us to make a potentially lifesaving impression on young drivers.”

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the full-time staff and soldiers assigned to the Sgt. James W. Harlan Reserve Center for making their facility available to us. The center is the home of the 380th Quartermaster Battalion, along with several other Army Reserve Units.

The Sheriff’s Office would also like to thank our two local sponsors who made this event possible through generous monetary contributions:


UPDATED 05/08/2015:

Take a look at video and photos from Rule the Road 2015:

Video: Lefler Collision Center demonstrates an airbag deployment. Click on the image to view video

Video: Students practice counter-steering and regaining control in a skid-car provided by the Evansville Police Department and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. Click on the image to view video

Video: Mr. Mark Hartman with ICJI operates the “seatbelt convincer”, which simulates a 6 mph crash. Click on the image to view video

Photo: Officer Jeff Hands with the Evansville Police Department instructs a student on one of several road courses at Rule the Road 2015.

Photo: Ms. Kaci Wray with ICJI runs the driving simulator for a student at Rule the Road 2015.

Photo: Ms. Jamie Vickery with Indiana SADD demonstrates the dangers of drunk driving by having students try to negotiate a course while wearing Fatal Vision goggles.  The golf cart was provided by Precise Packaging Services.

Photo: Students from Memorial High School and Mater Dei High School enjoying a quick lunch break before getting back to Rule the Road 2015.