DATE: Monday, August 29, 2016
SUBJECT: Man Arrested after Beating and Pepper Spraying his Pregnant Girlfriend
CONTACT: Lt. Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff David Wedding

On Monday, August 29, 2016 the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man who allegedly beat and then pepper sprayed his pregnant girlfriend as she drove a vehicle on US 41.

At approximately 4:00am this morning sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of domestic violence in the 18,000 block of North US Highway 41. Responding deputies found the victim lying in the roadway near her vehicle and was being attended to by other motorists.

The victim reported having been assaulted by her boyfriend during an argument that took place as she drove south on US 41. The victim explained that her boyfriend began striking her in the face with his hands and feet, after which he sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. The victim also reported to sheriff’s deputies that she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

The suspect, who was identified as Mr. John Nathan Bartlett, had initially fled the scene on foot but returned just prior to the arrival of responding sheriff’s deputies. Mr. Bartlett was placed into custody and transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail.

In addition to charges related to domestic violence, Mr. Bartlett was also served with a probation revocation warrant related to a 2015 possession of methamphetamine arrest.


John Nathan Bartlett (pictured above), 35, of Evansville. Battery with Injury to Pregnant Woman as a Level 5 Felony, Battery with Moderate Injury as a Level 6 Felony, Domestic Battery as a Class A Misdemaenor, Criminal Recklessness as a Class A Misdemeanor.