DATE: September 15, 2016
SUBJECT: Woman Arrested for Burglarizing a Home in Western Vanderburgh County
CONTACT: Lt. Doug Daza
AUTHORITY: Sheriff David Wedding

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office has arrested an Evansville woman for the burglary of a residence that occurred in late August in western Vanderburgh County. The woman, Jena Kay Hahn, was arrested on September 14, 2016 on charges of Burglary, Theft and Fraud following an investigation by detectives with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.

A Vanderburgh County resident advised that on August 18, 2016, a woman, later identified as Hahn, knocked at the door to his residence claiming she could not locate her children. She was allowed inside the residence and immediately began questioning the resident about items inside the house. The resident offered to drive her around to look for her children. Hahn instead asked to use the restroom and when allowed to do so, began looking in the bedrooms of the residence before going into the bathroom. Once she exited the bathroom, she went into the kitchen where she opened a container that the resident used to store his medication. She commented on the amount of medication and then advised she was going to leave. She then returned to the bathroom and finally left the residence, making no further reference to the supposed missing children.

On August 28, 2016 the resident advised that a van pulled into his driveway and he saw Hahn looking in his front window. He spoke to her and she told him that she had a gift for him. He accepted the gift and told her that he had to leave for an appointment.. As he drove way, he observed that she had left in the van but rather than going back the way she came, she drove down his street towards where it dead-ends. He turned around and returned to his residence and saw the van parked in his driveway and Hahn coming out of his house, walking to the van. She told him that she had left her sunglasses on his couch. The resident advised that he had not locked his front door. The resident checked his medication and found approximately 150 opioid painkillers missing. 

During the subsequent investigation, it was found that the resident’s credit card had been used fraudulently with items from illicit purchases mailed to Hahn’s address. Hahn was located and interviewed by detectives with the Sheriff’s Office. She denied all allegations and was arrested and transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail.. Hahn is a suspect in other, similar incidents and more charges may be forthcoming.


Jenna Kay Hahn, 42, of Evansville. Burglary as a Level 4 Felony, Theft as a Class A Misdemeanor, Fraud as a Level 6 Felony.