DATE: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
SUBJECT: VCSO Unveils Civic Center Security App
CONTACT: Lt. Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Dave Wedding

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 1:00 PM the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority announced the release of a new Civic Center Security App for mobile devices.

In the wake of a violent series of incidents at municipal buildings around the country, the Vanderburgh County Commissioners and the Evansville City Council approved more stringent security measures at the Civic Center in early 2013. With the goal of further enhancing security, the Sheriff’s Office and the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority (EVCBA) collaborated on the creation of a new Civic Center Security app for mobile devices.

The Civic Center Security App allows visitors and staff to stay informed about critical safety and security information at the Civic Center and Courts Building. The app will show the current operating status of the building, hours of operation and an office directory. The Civic Center switchboard can also be dialed from within the app. Most importantly, the app will alert users to emergency messages (and in a planned near term upgrade, will relay those alerts to an email address the user designates).

The Civic Center Security App was designed by the Sheriff’s Office and purpose built from the ground up to efficiently and accurately convey the information most important to Civic Center visitors. The new app is another way the Sheriff’s Office is fulfilling our responsibility to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible for citizens to visit their elected office holders and for officials to conduct the daily business of city and county government.

Sheriff Wedding stated, “The Sheriff’s Office and our partners at the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Building Authority are proud to make this app available to the general public.” Sheriff Wedding added, “The app has been in development for over 16 months, so we are very excited to see our efforts finally come to fruition.”

The Civic Center Security app is available now via Google Play or the Apple App Store.


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining the physical security and protection of the Civic Center and Courts Building during normal operating hours. The EVCBA oversees the building’s physical plant, manages access control systems, maintains security cameras and monitors the property 24 hours a day. Each day of the week the Civic Center serves thousands of visitors who have business to conduct at city and county offices.