DATE: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SUBJECT: Jail Inspection Report
CONTACT: Sheriff Eric Williams
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Eric Williams
The Indiana Department of Corrections, Jail Division, recently released its report of their annual inspection of the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center (Jail).
While the report indicates that there are some deficiencies when it comes to routine staffing levels and that the facility has been over its rated capacity on a regular basis, the overall report is very positive.
The Department of Corrections Jail Division inspects all jails in Indiana on an annual basis. The inspections are very thorough and review the vast majority of the standards set for jails in Indiana. The inspection report is required to be provided to the County Courts, County Commission and the County Prosecutor, which it has. Additionally, it is regularly provided to many other stakeholders in the local criminal justice system.
One of the county sheriff’s main responsibilities in Indiana is the operation of the county jail. The annual inspection by the Department of Corrections is a very important annual assessment by which the county and the sheriff are graded. This year, the inspection report included the statement, “excellent operation and should be used as a model for other facilities”.
Sheriff Eric Williams said, “Having the jail inspector say we are model facility for others to emulate is very rewarding. It speaks volumes about the manner in which the facility is operating and more importantly, the quality of the professionals working in the jail. While there are some weaknesses, the staff works hard and assures the continual safe and secure operation. I am very proud of the Sheriff’s Office team.”
A copy of the inspection report can be found by clicking HERE.
Click HERE for a full graphical release