SUBJECT:    Battery Causing Serious Injury
RELEASE NUMBER:    2014-NR-003
CONTACT:    Major Rick Pace
AUTHORITY:    Sheriff Eric Williams

On Thursday, January 16, 2014 at approximately 11:50 PM, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Deaconess Hospital, downtown campus, in regards to a battery report.  The alleged crime occurred at 8820 Number Six School Road.

When deputies arrived on scene, they spoke with the victim, Charles Bradford, and an involved party, Roxanne Decorrevont.  Deputies observed Bradford’s left side of his face to be swollen along with a laceration.  It was later determined by medical personnel Bradford’s jaw had been broken.

Decorrevont stated to deputies that Bradford had just taken her home and dropped her off.  When she went inside, she had intentions of ending her relationship with the offender, Kevin Roach.  As Roach was leaving the residence, Bradford had returned to pick up an item which he had left with Decorrevont.  At that time, Decorrevont jumped into Bradford’s truck to leave with him.

Decorrevont stated as they attempted to leave, Roach approached the driver’s side window and punched Bradford in the face.  At that time, Decorrevont drove Bradford to the hospital to be treated.  After the deputies finished interviewing Decorrevont, she left the hospital.

As deputies were still waiting in the emergency room speaking with Bradford, Decorrevont pulled up and stated to the deputies she was going to go and pick up Roach so deputies could take him to jail.  Before deputies could stop Decorrevont, she sped away.

At approximately 0045 am, Decorrevont called 911 stating Roach had pointed a gun at her.  When deputies finally located Decorrevont, she stated she had picked up Roach in the area of St. Joseph Road and Number Six School Road.  When Roach got into the truck, it was believed he saw a police car. Roach then pulled a gun from his pants and placed it to Decorrevont’s head and made several threats to kill her.

Decorrevont went on to state she then stopped the truck and a small, silver car pulled up.  Roach then got out of the truck and jumped into the car.  Decorrevont then backed the truck into the car, leaving a dent which she sated would make the car easier to identify.  Roach and the unidentified driver then fled the scene.

Sheriff’s deputies and Evansville Police Officer then located the car in question at 4106 Big Cynthia Road.  However, after several hours of searching the area with the use of a canine unit, they were unable to locate Roach or the driver.

At approximately 04:27 am, deputies were dispatched to 5009 New Harmony Road reference a suspicious white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt knocking on doors.  The reporter stated the subject knocking on the doors asked him if he would take him to the area of 3rd Avenue and Columbia Street.  When deputies arrived in the area, they located Roach and arrested him without further incident.

Roach was arrested and booked into the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Confinement Center for several charges.  The investigation is ongoing.

Kevin Gene Roach
, W/M 39 years of age, Evansville, Indiana
* Battery Causing Serious Injury – Class C Felony
* Intimidation with a Weapon – Class C Felony
* Pointed a Loaded Firearm – Class C Felony


Charles David Bradford, W/M, 67 years of age, Evansville, Indiana


Roxanne Dawn Decorrevont, W/F, 28 years of age, Evansville, Indiana