The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning residents about “porch piracy”.

Porch pirates have struck several times in our county already this year and will likely continue their raids throughout the holidays. These pirates snatch packages from the front doors of homes and make off with the loot. Porch pirates have been known to follow UPS and FedEx trucks, grabbing packages soon after they are delivered.

How to defend against porch pirates:

  • Bring in packages as quickly as possible.
  • Sign up for text based delivery notifications through your online retailer.
  • Ask a neighbor to bring your packages inside if you are not home.
  • Consider deterent options such as a Package Guard or a Video Doorbell.

According to the National Retail Federation, almost half of all shopping will be online this holiday season. With a few precautions, we can prevent these pirates from making off with our holiday treasure.

Image courtesy of Turner Entertainment Co.