DATE: Friday, March 14, 2014
SUBJECT: Pursuit & Stolen Gun: Juvenile Arrest
CONTACT: Major Rick Pace
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Eric Williams

Pursuit & Stolen Gun:

On Thursday, March 13 at approximately 7:25 pm, a Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to stop a black; Chrysler Sebring which had ran the stop sign at the intersection of Lodge Avenue & Covert Avenue. According to the deputy, the car continued west on Covert Avenue and pulled into Simpson Food Market parking lot where the driver accelerated the car through the parking lot in a reckless manner.

He deputy continued to pursue the car south on Lodge Avenue, then west onto Conlin Avenue when he noticed an object being thrown from the passenger side window. The deputy continued the pursuit until the car finally came to a stop at the intersection of Herbert Avenue and Maple Court. With the assistance of the Evansville Police Department, the deputy took several juveniles into custody without further incident.

During the course of the investigation, deputies found several baggies of marijuana on the driver who was a 17 year old male. Deputies also found a small amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside the juvenile’s car. When deputies went back to search the area where the unknown object was thrown from the car window, they located a 9mm handgun which was reported stolen from Warrick County.

After deputies conducted their interviews, an arrest was made on the juvenile driver who was taken to the Youth Care Center and booked in on several charges. The other juveniles were released to family members.

ARRESTED: Juvenile – 17 years of age, male, Evansville, Indiana


  1. Possession of a Handgun within a 1000 feet of a School – Class C Felony
  2. Resisting Law Enforcement – Class D Felony
  3. Possession of Methamphetamine – Class D Felony
  4. Receiving Stolen Property – Class D Felony
  5. Criminal Recklessness – Class A Misdemeanor
  6. Possession of Marijuana – Class A Misdemeanor
  7. Possession of Paraphernalia – Class A Misdemeanor
  8. Possession of a Handgun w/o a License – Class A Misdemeanor
  9. Operating a Vehicle w/o ever receiving a License – Class A Misdemeanor