Violent attacks on public spaces and governmental buildings present a legitimate threat to the safety of a potentially large number of people. This week deputy sheriffs and civilian court screeners participated in training exercises focused on violent attacks within the Civic Center and Vanderburgh County Courts Complex.

The term “active killer” has become part of every law enforcement officer’s vernacular since the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999. Law enforcement officers are now taught to immediately confront a dangerous suspect before he or she can take lives. This week’s training was designed to provide deputies with the tactics needed to bring about a conclusion to deadly conflicts as quickly as possible. Participants were put through a variety of extremely high stress reality-based scenarios focused on enhancing the safety of all employees and visitors of the Civic Center and Courts Complex. Additional stress was added to the scenarios through the utilization of non-lethal marking ammunition that still causes some discomfort upon being struck.

Training such as this is another way the Sheriff’s Office is fulfilling our responsibility to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible for citizens to visit their elected office holders and for officials to conduct the daily business of local government.

Pictured above: Sheriff’s deputy enters a court room to confront a violent individual during a training excercise.

Pictured above: Glock simunitions pistol shown with marking ammunition.