On Friday, January 21st, 2022 Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding welcomed guests at the historic Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse for the agency’s first public ceremony in nearly two years. In the presence of family, friends, colleagues, and distinguished guests the Sheriff ceremony honored newly hired deputy sheriffs and staff promotions, awarded jail officers and deputy sheriffs for their life saving efforts in the field, and recognized two individuals for extraordinary work. Below you will see the list of planned recipients (some could not attend) and a few photos from the event.


Jeff Cobb                     Sergeant

Dave Guetling               Lieutenant

Mike Hertweck Jr.          Sergeant

John Payne                   Sergeant

Robert Schmitt              Sergeant

Eric Sommers               Staff Sergeant

Jeff Titus                      Lieutenant

Zach Whicker                Sergeant

Tim Woods                    Sergeant



Rodney Miller, Cody Brandenstein, and Matt Gardner            Sheriff’s Life Saver Award

Logan Osborne, Brandon Taylor                                     Sheriff’s Life Saver Award

Daniel Sander                                                               Sheriff’s Life Saver Award         x 2

Dustin Pharr and Kayla Leek                                                Sheriff’s Life Saver Award

Allison Lancaster                                                           Sheriff’s Life Saver Award

Jared Wagner                                                                Sheriff’s Life Saver Award

Ethan Smith                                                                  Sheriff’s Commendation

Neal Luecke and K-9 Dozer                          USPCA Excellence Award for Case and Catch of the Quarter



Hunter Garrett

Adam Lahanis

Nathan Tidwell

Dylan Yates