Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) will transition from its current web site to a newly developed and designed web site. The web address will remain the same:

The VCSO has partnered with the EXTEND GROUP in the development of the new web site. The EXTEND GROUP is an Evansville based marketing and technology company.

At 2:00 PM on Thursday, October 31, 2013, Sheriff Eric Williams, members of the Sheriff’s Office Staff along with Shawn Collins, Founder and CEO of the EXTEND GROUP will officially unveil the new web site to the media at the Sheriff’s Headquarters Conference Room.

This new site, along with the future developments, currently planned and yet to be thought of, has been and will be designed and devoted to not only providing information to the public in an efficient manner but for receiving information from the public in an equally efficient manner.

The new site standardizes the look of the Sheriff’s Office and effectively markets the VCSO creating extensive brand benefits. The website will grow community equity and provide a single source of information for the community that allows users to sign up for multiple sources of information in one place. Another hope is that the site will strengthen trust with the community and enhance community relations by providing information about the VCSO and its various operations, programs and services.

The website will deliver as much timely and accurate information as allowed and reasonable. It links to a core database keeping information in one location. The intent is for the public to visit the site frequently and become familiar with the tools and information available. With that familiarity, we want the public who use the site to help us
direct its ongoing evolution.