A Message From Sheriff Dave Wedding:

Today the Sheriff’s Office said goodbye to an outstanding four-legged member of our office. K-9 Bosko passed away this afternoon after nearly nine years of service.

When Deputy Bryan Bishop and I first met Bosko years ago, we both noticed that one of his ears appeared to have an odd droop whenever he was relaxed. We had second thoughts about picking him due to this abnormality, but our concerns were completely unfounded. Bosko would go on to become one of the finest law enforcement canines Evansville and Vanderburgh County had ever seen.

Bosko was fierce when pursuing a fleeing felon, yet gentle when off-duty. Bosko performed demonstrations for thousands of people and could only be described as a teddy bear when around children. In all my years I have never witnessed an animal with such an ideal temperament. I would have trusted him to stand guard next to a newborn infant.

Bosko was not only a valued member of our office, but a valued member of the Bishop family. Deputy Bishop’s children played with Bosko like he was their big brother. The bond between a canine and handler is hard to describe, but as a former handler myself I can tell you that losing your partner is very tough.

Thank you Bosko for your faithful service to our Office and to the citizens of Vanderburgh County.

Picture: K-9 Bosko posing for a picture.

Pictured above: K-9 Bosko and handler Deputy Bryan Bishop

Pictured above: K-9 Bosko and Sheriff Dave Wedding

Some facts about K-9 Bosko:

  • Placed in service in 2009
  • Sworn in as special deputy for the US Marshals Service in 2013
  • Apprehended approximately 100 violent felons
  • Recovered nearly $300,000.00 in drug money
  • Once tracked and found a missing girl with autism
  • Once tracked and located a suicidal man in the woods, who was later taken for help
  • Participated in countless demonstrations for children