01/10/2014 @ 7:00 AM

Yesterday just before 3:00 PM, water pressure was reduced to the jail form the city water system. This reduction of pressure created a situation where the water delivery system in the jail, including toilets, sinks and showers did not operate properly. As a result, the jail was placed in a “lock down” mode for security and staffing reasons. Visitation was tentatively cancelled for today. Appropriate otter law enforcement agencies and local government stakeholders were notified of the situation and all were prepared to assist in any way necessary.

At approximately 3:00 AM today, water pressure had increased from the city to a point where Building authority maintenance personnel were able to return operational pressure inside of the jail and return operations to normal.

During the night, the Evansville Fire Department did send an engine to the jail to provide a supply of water to use to flush toilets. The fire truck filled large buckets for the jail staff to carry back into the cells that could be used to force the toilets to flush.

At this time, the jail has been returned to normal operation and visitation for today has be reinstated.