DATE: February 02, 2023
SUBJECT: Be Kind for Ollie Donates to Sheriff’s Office
CONTACT: Sheriff Noah Robinson
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Noah Robinson

The Sheriff’s Office accepted delivery of 75 “Ollie Bags” today, which were donated by the non-profit Be Kind for Ollie.

Be Kind for Ollie was founded by Jamie Dill, whose 3-year-old son Oliver (“Ollie”) died after being accidently left inside a car during the summer of 2019.

The “Ollie Bags” contain items such as colored pencils, coloring books, facial tissue, wet wipes, toys, and stuffed animals. Children at the scene of traumatic incidents are often in need of a distraction. The “Ollie Bag” is designed to allow children to shift focus away from their circumstances in order to minimalize mental trauma.

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